Double Revenue- Use Proper Meta Tags for Online Marketing Success


Meta tags are HTML tags and they provide details or data about the web page to search engine. They are normally hidden (Meta keyword tag) and are readable by the search engines only and not the site visitor.

Once a search engine crawler understands your page better, it ranks the page higher.

If we go about two years back, Meta tags were really important for putting keywords and gaining higher ranking in search engine.

Site owner and web masters simply stuff the Meta tags with keywords and sometimes irrelevant keywords just to have high traffic and recognition by search engines.

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The Meta tags were spam so much by site owner and webmasters that they became irrelevant for most of the search engines now especially Google. But still they have some importance and they should not be ignored.

Meta tags are still important for Yahoo and Bing search engines but a very lower or no 
value for Google.

With respect to all above points, Meta tags should not be left blank and must be used in a very concise and to-the-point way to give search engine a natural and accurate impression of them. Some important Meta tags and their usage is mentioned below;

Title Tag:

Meta Title tag for SEO

Title tag is a type of Meta tag and this is the one and only Meta tag that is still very important for search engine understanding, user satisfaction and site ranking. It is one of the three most important SEO factors and must be used properly.

Title Tags Example

Importance of title in SEO why so needed to grow your business? Title tag should be relevant to page contents and must be attractive enough to trigger the reader to click title and visit web site. This Meta tag length should not exceed from 70 characters for good results.

Meta description tag:

A Meta description tag is a summarized description of the web page and is written for search engine. It is shown right under the page title in search engine result page and is shown by the reader after page title.

This Meta tag has some importance in Google search engine and must be written carefully and in comprehensive way. The Meta description tag tells the search engine about web page contents if used in a good way.

Meta description tag should provide relevant and brief description of the web page and helpful for ranking the site in search engine results. The length of this Meta tag must be from 50 characters to 140 at most.

Meta keyword tag:

Meta keyword tag

Meta keyword tag is a tag for writing most relevant primary and secondary keywords on the page and it is also written for search engine giving it details about page and keywords. You should use it with care and put 3 to 4 important keywords in Meta keyword tag.

Robot Meta tag:

Robot Meta tag

If you want to hide some contents of your web page then you can use robot Meta tags. These tags are written for hiding certain page from indexing by search engine. The reason behind not indexing some web page may be to avoid competitors accessing it.


As per the new SEO techniques and after Google Panda and Penguin updates, I recommend focusing on quality page contents instead of Meta tags.

The only important Meta tag is description tag and it should be used in a to-the-point 
way for better results.

Concentration on quality page contents, quality backlinks and good title tag are the key to success and enhance the SEO.

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