SEO Competitor Research & Analysis 2018 : Market Samurai [Free]

In online marketing industry everyone knows about Market Samurai. It’s a Keyword Research tool that is really effective. I bet  you after this analysis it would be your next analysis tools that you love.

Generally, It’s has two parts _____

  • SEO Competitor analysis before starting SEO project
  • SEO Competitor analysis during running project

SEO is all about competition as it drives you to your destination and tells you the path to follow for the desired results. In whatever field you are, you have to compete someone or something to survive and if your Competitor is strong, you will “lead”.

For online business and marketing you have to analyse your competitors for making your marketing strategy to follow in order to lead.

The main fruit of all SEO efforts is to get good ranking in search engine results 
and to be displayed in top results.

Also keep in mind that SEO research & Analysis is an on-going process and you can’t sit back after doing it at start of your project.

If you get a good ranking or position in search engine results and if you want to keep that and stay there, you have to review and upgrade your SEO strategy periodically.

SEO research and analysis using “Market Samurai” at start of project:

Market Samurai SEO competition Check and analysis

With the help of the tool called Market Samurai, the SEO competition research and analysis is done very easily and effectively.

Once the keyword research and analysis is completed and target keyword/s can be decided, the SEO competition against the target keyword/s can be analysed using Market Samurai.

In SEO Competitor research and analysis, you can analyse the status of your top ten competitors. As with the previous example of keyword “It Job Dubai”, we can proceed and now calculate the SEO competition for the same project and for same keyword.

Go into SEO competition window and press “Generate Result” button and it will start fetching 
and producing results. 

The screen short is attached below which will describe you all the possible details of your top ten competitors for analysing their SEO strategy.

On the basis of SEO Competitor research and analysis you can easily decide your strategy which enables you to compete well against your competitors. Below is the explanation of all the functions of this window in Market Samurai.

It is better to export the Data in excel and then review it carefully so here is the screen short;

Market samurai export the Data in excel and then review

All the results are described below;

  • Domain Age

This will tell you about the age of domains of your top ten competitors as per Google record.

  • Page Rank

The ranking algorithm used by Google in which it gives ranking between 0 (lowest) to 10 (highest) to a website page based on its quality. This field shows the ranking of top ten competitor’s sites in search engine

  • Index Count

This will show you that how many pages of competitor’s website are indexed by the search engine in its directory. The higher the number of pages, the tougher the competitor is.

Market samurai export the Data in excel and then review- 2

  • Referring Domains-Domains

This reveals the total number of domains which has backlinks towards a particular competitor. If this value is greater it means that the competitor is very popular and strong.

Search engine considers a site with quality backlinks as a “good quality” site and rank 
it higher than a site with less or low quality backlinks.
  • Referring Domains-Page

This describes the total number of domains or sites which has backlinks to any page on competitor’s site. Again the higher the value, the higher will be the ranking in search engine results but again the quality backlinks are required for this.

  • Page Backlinks

This shows the total number of external links which are pointing towards a page on the website. The higher the quality and quantity on backlinks, the higher is the ranking in search engine.

  • Domain Backlinks

This shows the total number of external links pointing to the domain itself or any page on the domain (excluding any internal site link).


Market samurai export the Data in excel and then review- 3

  • DMOZ Directory

It will tell if the site is listed in DMOZ directory or not.

  • Yahoo Directory

It will describe whether a site is listed in Yahoo directory or not.

  • Keyword in Title

This will show you if a keyword is being used by a competitor in its page title tag. Keyword presence in page title tag is good for getting search engine’s attention.

  • Keyword in URL

This describes whether a keyword is being used by a competitor in his site’s URL. Again it is a good practice to have keyword in URL but it should be meaningful and descriptive with respect to site and its contents.

Check out this step by step tutorial.

  • Keyword in Description

It reveals whether the keyword is used in description or not.

Keyword in header tag

It shows the presence of keyword in header tag of a competitor’s website.

Go through Competitors Sites Carefully

“Image Credit”: Amasty

At the end of SEO research and analysis you have enough knowledge about your competitor’s strengths and strategy. You can consult the experts about the results of Market Samurai and thoroughly check their web sites for further hints. Try to find out at what point they are a bit weak and strengthen that point of your site.

Don’t Underestimate your Competitors

Do not rely on one aspect of SEO. SEO has a bundle of things to do and handle.

Don’t just think for getting better results just by focusing one SEO factor.

“Infographic Design By”: SEOzar

Though at times you can get good results but they are temporary and will not let you stay at good ranking for a long time. On shoulders of one strong point, you can get a better ranking but that will be for a very short period of time and will be dropped soon. So armour yourself and your site with all the possible tools to get high ranking and to compete.

SEO Competition Analysis During Running Project

As described in the begging of this article, SEO competition research and Analysis is an on-going process and you cannot just quiet it in the begging of SEO project.

Algorithms and tools are changing quickly in internet world and to stay at good ranking you should conduct SEO competition analysis after every certain period.

Keep on updating your strategy by SEO tools and making changes in your site for up gradation.

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